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summer last time boredom

suMmer….wii….Too hot……..nO classes…no teachers…no assignment, exams, project and any school matter..
_everything is free doing what they want…..everyone can sleep even it’s already late and no more waking up at very early….most i like this summer is no more wearing of the crazy uniform from my school..XD i hate wearing there uniform…it stinks…..

you know even it’s already summer i cannot do what i want cause i am being so lazy and being so bored. i always do what i i did in the past days it’s always repeating. im tired of being tired and bored._ i got a lot things to do but i can’t start it…i don’t want my summer be useless in 2 months.. i need to do something so my summer will be great like the others……

so see yah!… i will start doing what i need to do…kachoW!!!!