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Did you know that Gloria macapagal arroyo is already one decade of being the president of the philippines?……

Did you know that she is the second girl president of the philippines?

Did you know that She is the second from the longest president of the philippines? the first is the dictator ferdinand marcos

Did you know that she is the daughter of the Late and former president of the philippines diosdado macapagal?

PGMA have been a big part of the philippines politics history. She have been president because of the people power 2. After finishing the president term of the president estrada she run for president and she won!…but many accuse her that she cheat from the presidency election!….Many controversy PGMA have faces in her administration…

i agree with her that the philippines economy improve but the poverty of the country got any worst more than i think!…
i cannot say that she is a great president but i can say she’s a great economist………. 2.5 for madam!


Philippine heroes are the one who filipinos should always look up..
Because they are the inspiration and our strength in the fight we do for our beloved country the philippines. Our heroes are the heroes of the freedom, all of them want us to be free from the invaders to our promised land but others are fighters to a dictator that stole our democracy and freedom as a filipino.

Philippine heroes is also the countries pride……
Many of us make them as an example in the fight they make..

The philippine revolutionary soldiers..
On the time of spain invasion they fight for our freedom even they die in the middle of the battle on what they are fighting for…..
They fight for our country and they are consider as the philippine heroes.

Philippine heroes is everywhere but not all of them are being recognized from what they are doing….

Any filipino can be a Philippine hero on what they do……..


21st century... 2009 A.D.

The earth is on the new age, Age of the Technologies..when the year 2000 comes it was said that technologies and science will rise! and it's true. Since 2000 and upto now 2009 a.d the technology evolution is to fast.

_the technology era continues but it have a very bad effects on us! on our planet..The planet is being devastated.. from technology and anything connected to it like.. Urban cities development...

The earth's environment is being destroy even we did'nt even know. Pollution is so undescribable in any place at the planet!.

A place with a clean air is so often.... Forest destruction is still continuing for selfishness purposes.. Global warming enters and earth is on a threat....... Earth's Destruction..

it's true nobody cannot deny on it....If we don't stop on our stupid doing here at earth, this will happen. i admit myself that i've been part also from crazy and one of pollutants here at earth but i've change! we …

The King of Pop

A shocking news to be seen on the internet, televisions, newspapers…that michael jackson the king of pop is gone to this cruel world. Many and millions of people mourn about what happen to jacko…when i knew what happen to him i really can’t believe it and i am also shock!!!

Did you know? after michael jackson died his music was played most all over the planet?…. his music with jackson 5 and as king of pop was played by asians and americans also everytime… im serious it’s true i’ve heard it always..

because i am one of the people around the entire planet who always play his musicS.
michael jackson legacy will live forever….the music, the world tours, and the albums that influences the culture of some countries….

THIS IS IT…final curtain call…michael jackson say goodbye to the world..

Francis magalona's memories

francis magalona, he is my idol in terms of all rappers around the earth. He is the master of rapper of the philippines. He started the rap here in the philippines. He sung the popular song “MGA KABABAYAN” it’s the first funky rap song in the phillipines and many filipinos recognized the song and it became very popular…After a year the song and the album release..Many new rappers have been recognized but the name Francis magalona is still on the way…xD
Francis magalona have been one of the host of the eat bulaga. He’s also a father…But after a years….francis magalona have been diagnose to a cancer and after a months he’s out for a while in eat bulaga..cause he need to be on a chemotherapy setion….He is always in the hospital.. he updated always on his Multiply account
after a months in a happy battle in cancer..he died…many suffer from a shocking happening..but life’s go on…the shows go on… FRANCIS MAGALONA THE KING OF RAP….REST IN PEACE MY IDOL…