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The End of the World Predictions

The end of the world. The judgment day. The Apocalypse.

Many predictions about what when will be the last day of the earth.

First Prediction: 2011 The return of Jesus.
Said from what i have read on a blog or many blogs, that the bible said that 2011 is on the bible and they also computed that that will be the end of the world. may 21st or may 26 2011 maybe the start of the judgment day. It said that 5 months will be the length of the destruction/ judgment day. I don't know if it's true all i can say about this is its there own opinion and calculations...

Second Prediction: 2012
According to Mayan Long calendar count 2012 is the last year for the earth and it will be on the month of December and the day will be 21st or 23rd. This prediction is now on a Hollywood movie. This prediction is untrue said by NASA but on 2012 no one can tell what is really gonna happen. On 2012 they said their will be a big change, i don't know what is it but it can be lifestyle, war, technology…

This is it...This is it....This is it..

i don’t even now where or how to start from this because it’s been a months before i post another blog here in my friendster account…..

well this is it….. i post a new blog to be read by some person who is interested about me or something…xD… my last blog post was about Love Life.. My love life, advice and anything else i wanted to say..If you wanna read it again you can view my blog here and read it again….Leave some comments, suggestions and anything…..

This is it…. because this October 28th, 2009 a history will be remember because for the very last time michael jackson will show some unbelievable rehearsal before he died from a Homicide. I already buy two tickets and im going to watch it in SM marilao bulacan. I buy the ticket because i am a big fan of mr.jacko since before he died…One of my favorite song of him is BEAT iT…when i hear that song i can’t stop my body to dance…HAHA! baduDels!

This is it……because 2010 is coming soon…hehe Advance merry christmas to all and a Happy new y…