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WWE Smackdown is a brand show from WWE and Smackdown soon to have a 600 EPISODES since they started last 1999.
Smackdown was created by VINCE MCMAHON

(first logo of smackdown)

Smackdown is my most favorite show among wwe raw and the others, because my favorite superstar is in there and i like the story of the rivalrys. I am aware that wwe wrestling was just an act and not really real like they are truly fighting.
But i like watching the show and i enjoy it.

When i was a little i already watch smackdown because of my cousins and uncle that watch it every single week. It was the beginning of my addiction before over the wwe.

I do buy and play every games WWE being release, Smackdown vs. raw and the other. I always challenge my cousins, uncle to play with me even sometimes i did'nt win.

I am now a college freshmen but i still do continue watching it but not like before that i am already addicted to it.

Even i am here in the philippines, this show have the big part in my life because…


It is confirm that charice pempengco is joining the cast of the popular American tv show, GLEE

Glee is a tv show that is like a musical.
Musical that have a nice story.
The first season of glee ended and the second season is coming

Charice have been seen in the show in america in the tv talk show, OPRAH. Many like her voice and give hera compliment of the next celine dion. She have been compared to many popular artists.

Charice also have her debut US album named "CHARICE"
So far the most popular of her is pyramid and i am still waiting for the other.

I am hoping to watch glee with charice in there.
I am a fan of charice because i am do proud of her because she is the first filipina to reach big success in US music industry (aside from vanessa hudgens, Charice is pure filipino)

The Karate Kid 2010

STORY: 12-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother (Taraji P. Henson) arrive in Beijing from Detroit to start a new life. Dre develops a crush on a young violinist, Mei Ying, who reciprocates his attention, but Cheng, a kung fu prodigy whose family is close to Mei Ying's, attempts to keep them apart by beating Dre, and later harassing and humiliating him in and around school. During a particularly brutal beating by Cheng and his friends, the kindly maintenance man of Dre's building, Mr. Han (Jackie Chan), comes to Dre's aid, revealing himself as a kung fu master who adeptly dispatches Dre's tormentors.

After Han mends Dre's injuries using fire cupping, they go to Cheng's teacher, Master Li, to attempt to make peace, but the brutal Li, who teaches his students to show no mercy to their enemies, challenges Dre to a fight with Cheng. When Han declines, Li threatens him, saying that they will not be allowed to leave his school unless either Dre or Han himse…




Thank you for the 9 years of being the philippine president even though there many many accusations over you (i don't know if its true or say that it is true)

As a respect to the outgoing president i won't say this time any harsh words to her.

GMA said to be the best president aftere ferdinand marcos because of she have build via workers many structure for the country and many economic improvement unlike the 3 past president. (that is said in the TV ADVERTISEMENT)

Gma is a good economist said by many critics and many more...

Eat Bulaga: Juan For All all for Juan

Juan for all, all for juan

Isang segment sa noon time show sa eat na bulaga.
Isang segment na nakakatuwa
Isang segment na nakakatulong

Yung segment na ito sa eat bulaga ay sobrang kinagigiliwan ko at isa ito sa pinakagusto kong part kapag ako'y nanunuod ng #1 NOON TIME SHOW sa PILIPINAS.

Pero noong una hindi ko gusto dahil sa naghohost dito mas nagustohan ko ito ng si JOSE MANALO at WALLY BAYOLA ang naghost para sa naturang segment.

Sbirang nakakaa

liw ang mga jokes at ang buong show, Pati si Ryan agoncillo, pia, joey at vic sotto ay talagang kinatutuwaan ko.
Kung pwede nga lang makasali sa ganung laro eh bakit hindi. Kaso hindi naman sila napupunta sa mga subdivision.

Sa tuwing nagsasabi si vic or joey ng mga bagay na dadalhin sa may mga numbers nakakatuwa kasi akala ko walang tao o nanunuod kaya parang boring na sila-sila lang, pero pagkatapos sabihin ang Bagay ay kung saan saang naglilitawan ang mga residente na gusto makilahok. Nakakatuwa dahil masali ka lang sa 100 na tao ay …

HighSchool, Adios! Sayonara!

The 2009-2010 Graduates......

Yan ang mga linyang huli kong natandaan sa high school graduation.

Noong una ay masaya ako dahil graduate na ako sa pagiging high school at syempre bakasyon na din. Magagawa ko na ang mga bagay na nais kong gawin. Lumipas ang bakasyon ay magcocollege na ako. Excited ako na parang ayaw ko pa dahil sa ayoko pa talagang mag-aral.

Unang araw ng pasukan ay natutuwa pa ako pero sa pangalawang araw ko pa lang ay talagang naninibago ako sa lahat. Sa classmates, schoolmates at sa lahat. Hindi ako ganung komportable sa kanila dahil sanay ako sa pagmumukha ng mga high school classmate ko. Sa college kasi marami ang matatanda at puro lalaki ang nangingibabawa sa ingay,

Nakakamiss sila kahit na iba at sitwasyon noon kumpara sa ngayon.
Wala naman akong magagawa kundi harapin ang katotohanan na heto ako para mag-aral at for the future, I AM NOT HERE FOR THEM, BUT I AM HERE FOR MY DREAM AND FAMILY. Ang gagawin ko lang ay mag-aaral at mag-aaral kahit na tinatamad o nahihi…

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! (picture say it all)


MOVIE: The Sweetest Thing

Christina Walters and Courtney Rockcliffe, all-around party girls, attempt to ease their roommate Jane Burns' relationship-induced depression by taking her on a girls' night out. During that evening Christina meets Peter Donahue (Thomas Jane) and falls for him. Peter is preparing to get married, though she and Courtney mistakenly believe it is Peter's brother (Jason Bateman) who is going to walk down the aisle. Courtney decides to help her friend re-connect with Peter, and the two embark on a hazard-prone trip in a Saab 9-5 from San Francisco to Somerset, where the wedding is scheduled. Christina's hopes are dashed, however, when the girls arrive at the church only to discover that Peter is the groom. Nevertheless, Peter's wedding soon falls apart when both he and his bride (Parker Posey) confess to each other at the altar that while they love each other, they're not "in love" and marriage just isn't the right step. A few months go by, and Christ…


The winner at the presidential and vice-presidential race sa philippines ay tapos na at naiproklama na ang mga nanalo.

Kahit naman hindi sabihin ay obvious kung sino ang nanalo dahil sa napakalaking lamang niya sa mga kalaban kasama na dito ang bet ko na si villar. hehe

Mahigpit ang laban at gitgitan talaga ang labanan ng kalaban ni binay na si MAR ROXAS pero matapos ang canvassing ay nanalo si binay sa pagkalamang ng 700 thousand votes.
Hanggang ngayon naghahabol pa din si ROXAS sa NULL VOTES.

Sa Batasang pambansa ipiproklama ang dalawa at dumadagundong ang lugar sa sigaw sa NOY-BI ng paulit-ulit. Si binay at parang hindi makapaniwala na siya na ang pangalawang makapangyarihan sa bansa. Tuwang-tuwa ang lahat sa proklamasyon, may mga naging emosyonal.

Ang nais ko sa mga bagong nammuno sa bansa ay sana ang mga ipinangako nila ay matupad at matulungang makaah…


1,525,000,000 miles of telephone wire a strung across the U.S.

101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoon features with both parents that are present and don't die throughout the movie.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.

123,000,000 cars are being driven down the U.S's highways.

160 cars can drive side by side on the Monumental Axis in Brazil, the world's widest road.

166,875,000,000 pieces of mail are delivered each year in the U.S.

27% of U.S. male college students believe life is "A meaningless existential hell."

315 entries in Webster's Dictionary will be misspelled.
5% of Canadians don't know the first 7 words of the Canadian anthem, but know the first 9 of the American anthem.

56,000,000 people go to Major League baseball each year.

7% of Americans don't know the first 9 words of the American anthem, but know the first 7 of the Canadian ant…


May 3, 1962. Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky), a cheerful, rotund high school student living in Baltimore, Maryland steps out of her apartment ("Good Morning Baltimore") and endures a day’s worth of school before she and her best friend Penny Pingleton (Amanda Bynes) can watch their favorite TV show, The Corny Collins Show, a teen dance show broadcast from Baltimore’s station WYZT ("The Nicest Kids in Town").

The teenagers featured on the show attend Tracy and Penny's school, among them the arrogant and wealthy Amber Von Tussle (Brittany Snow) and her boyfriend Link Larkin (Zac Efron), the lead male dancer on the show. Amber’s mother, Velma (Michelle Pfeiffer) manages WYZT and goes out of her way to make sure Amber is featured and that The Corny Collins Show remains a racially segregated program. Corny Collins (James Marsden) and his Council Members are white; black kids are only allowed on the show on "Negro Day", held the last Tuesday of each month an…

Movie: 17 Again

Right before his 1989 high school-championship basketball game, 17-year-old Mike O'Donnell's girlfriend Scarlet tells him that she is pregnant. He leaves behind the game and a possible college basketball scholarship to propose to her.

Two decades later, Mike's life has stalled. Scarlet has separated from him due to his regrets about abandoning college, forcing him to move in with his geeky and wealthy best friend since high school, Ned Gold; he loses his job; and his kids Maggie and Alex want nothing to do with him. While visiting Hayden High School to reminisce, an encounter with a mysterious janitor transforms Mike into his 17 year-old self.

Given the chance to relive his life, Mike enrolls (under the name Mark Gold, posing as Ned's son) at Hayden High and comes to believe that his mission is to help his children. With Mike's help, Alex gets a place with Mike on the basketball team and the girlfriend he desires, and Mike comforts Maggie when her bully boyfriend …


Itaga at tawagin na lang natin sa pangalang dudong.
Isang Pilipinong totoo na may african version..haha just kidding.

Si CHRISTIAN SANTOS, ay aking pinsan na mabait ngunit mataba na masipag naman na mahilig sa computer games at palaging nagtitinda para sa ikabubuhay nila.

Si CHRISTIAN SANTOS ay ang tinatawag namin lalo na si KHAY na
THE MASTERMIND. Siya kasi ang palagi naming binidiba noong gumagawa kami ng youtube videos kaso binura ko ng ang mga ito dahil it's very disturbing para sa iba.. haha JOKE. Tinanggal ko dahil wala lang.

Si CHRISTIAN SANTOS ay isang miyembro ng KNDX na napakagaling haha SI DUDONG ay may 3 kapatid kasama na siya at may nanay at tatay.

Sa tuwing nakikita ako niyan mag iiSMILE na yan...xD
sa Tuwing napagtritripan ni khay yan tatakbo na yan...

yan si DUDONG. Bow!

at pahabol pala nakaaway namin yan via WORDs HAHA


This movie is ONE of my favorite 3d animation i've ever watch.
This movie is very great, i can watch it for more many times.

The story start from hiccup a teenage who wants to be a warrior and kill a dragon but his father don't want him to be a dragon killer because his fathers thinks that his son don't have the ability to do it.

After that dragon attack BERK the place where HICCUP lives, hiccup hit a dragon that don't have any record from the books in there place about all the dragons. He went to the forest and find the dragon he wanted to kill it but his consequence stop him. He just let the Dragon flew away him.

After the incident Hiccup don't want to kill dragons, but his father already agree to let his son be a warrior after succeding to the test and graduated and kill a dragon.

He went back to the forest and he see again the dragon. Hiccup is near the dragon and give it a fish then dragon eat it but like other animals they are not close a first. But after a f…