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Can you imagine if the whole great wall of china is a great pool/slide of china...haha

it might be on the guiness book of records of the longest pool in the world..haha a pool crossing the half of china.

College Diary: My College stuff for 1st sem.

Since my college days have begin and unlike high school there will be no more many books and notebooks to be bring in the school.

In college you are just about to bring yourself, yourmind, your bag and 1 notebook, 1 notebook only for all the subjects or if you want seperately it is up to you.

The things i only bring since the first day and present is my

-This bag of mine contains my ballpen and notebook but sometimes when i wanted to bring my laptop, i will bring it and put in in the bag, the Asus bag. ASUS is the brand of the LAPTOP. The laptop is not that expensive unlike the APPLE, sony of any popular brands.
The bag was to heavy when i put in my laptop.

-My Notebook.

-Things notebook contains every single lesson and lecture we tackle in every single day of my college days, but sometimes i am being lazy so i have'nt copy some of the lectures given and written by professors in the white board.

This is my shield and sword in every quiz and exam.


Here is my

Vice Ganda Before and After

Look vice ganda before when he was not popular yet and look at vice ganda in the present.

It was funny to look old pictures of a popular personality, it was fun and it was cool.

Vice ganda is a very popular host and judge in the popular tv show named SHOWTIME in the abs-cbn.

I do love how he give comments in any contestant.

Si Cheez Whiz at Tinapay (food trip)

I remember the Movie 17 again starring zac efron, Yung nagbalik high school siya dahil sa gusto talaga niya makabalik dun.

Napansin ko lang na mahilig siya kumain doon ng mga pagkain na experiment lang. Nagawa ko na din ang ganun dati at hanggang ngayon din naman. hehe..well naalala ko lang naman.

Tuwing walang magawa at bored ay pagkain ang tanging napagdidiskitahan ko at siguro ganun din naman kayo diba? lalo naman siguro kung matakaw din kayo..hehe

Merong time na kumain ako at ang aking kinain ay ang tinapay na pinalaman ng cheez whiz na flavor ay burger...

Ito ang food trip ko sa panahon na ito. Mga unang linggo pa lang naman ng pasok noon at nangangapa pa ako sa lahat ng bagay pero sa pagkain walang kapa-kapa dahil sanay ako sa kainan wag lang sa TOOT at TOOT..hehe

Msarap ang lasa ng cheez wiz na burger at habang tinatype ko ito ay ginugutom na ulit ata ako..hehe
Hindi ko alam pero parang nagiging matakaw ako ngayong pasukan pero dati naman ay hindi.

Siguro totoo ang sinabi ni K…

Manny Pacquiao -- Justin Bieber

HAHA i cannot imagine pacman to be like justin bieber..

So FUNNY... *updated* naging hairstyle talaga ni pacman yung ganun haha

Malangaw after ng Summer

taong 2010 summer naging napakainit ng panahon at napakadalang ng mga ulan. Tigang na ang lupa sa tubig ulan (parang libro lang? hehe) After ng summer ay ang pagbabalik din ng school classes sa high school, elementary, preparatory at maging ang mga college student ay magkaka pasok na din.

Tulad ko na isang bagohan lang at isang college freshmen sa AMA UNIVERSITY. Sa isang simple at maliit na university for computer.

Masaya every last day bago ang pasukan dahil talagang sinusulit ko ang kada araw kahit na puro trabaho at wala naman akong ginagawa. Buhay binata at tamad ako ng mga araw na yun. Kain, tulog ako. Pero sa isip ko gumagana ang bawat nakakatuwa na imahinasyon ko. Pinipilit kong bawat araw ay maging makulay kahit medyo mahirap.

Habang papalapit ang pasukan ay may napapansin din ako sa kapaligiran at iyon ay ang MGA LANGAW. Habang dumadaan ang mga araw napapansin ko na dumadami sila at nakakaistorbo na dahil hindi pangkaraniwan ang napakadaming langaw.

Dumadaan ang bawat araw…


Well i am now a college freshmen so we will take my blog to the next level? haha i will make it more useful, about me and a real blog unlike my previous blogs.

Honestly this blog is just to update my blog and who ever read this blog, thank you so much. I really do appreciate every single reading of my blog you do even sometimes you don't like it.

In the next few days i will be posting my experiences over the first week and happenings in my college life, and i am going to call it COLLEGE DIARY.

I will still post blogs about movies and everything i want and i interested into.

i Hope everyone who visit my blog like my post about you, me and the WORLD


ohhhh!!!!!! it's show time.
tayo'y tumalon, tayo'y sumayaw..yeah!!

Yan ang theme song ng Showtime na palabas sa ABS-CBN.
100% percent and energy ng host at audience
Minsan ko din naisip na makapanuod ng live sa showtime dahil sa masaya talaga doon.
Sa tuwing nanunuod ako ay nakakatuwa na parang comedy bar dahil sa mga banat ni vice ganda sa contestants, host at kapwa judges.

Marami ang nabibigyan ng pagkakataon para makapagtanghal sa stage, ewan ko kung saan nila nakuha ang concept pero parang Talentadong Pinoy lang...haha

Everytime na may free time o wala akong magawa pinapanuod ko ang showtime dahil nakakamangha ang mga sumasali dito pero yung iba parang para sa exposure lang.

Kung nanunuod kayo nito eh talaga namang walang kapantay kumpara sa DIZ IZ IT ng gma 7 pero thanks for the effort pa din... Ang nakakatuwa dito ay napabagsak nila ang SIS na matagal ng show ng gma 7.

May ilang beses na din nagkaroon ng headline news sa showtime dahil sa pagsuspend ng show dahil sa…


WWE RAW i guess is the main brand or superprior of WWE because it is the longest running show that i think never been beat by other wrestling compepitors/enemy.

Raw have the great wwe superstars among smackdown and the other because they put all the best in there (that's what i have notice.

Since i was a kid i always watch raw and smackdown, since john cena come to wwe raw and when triple H became good. I am always aware that sometimes there is a mistake in an episode but there are all a good artist/pretender that that is apart of what they are doing.

Raw is one of my cousin favorite show because of the excitement it brings everytime we both watch the show.
In the early days or shall i say the present raw have many few faces and superstars that have a talent also but not as much as the legend or pro superstar of wwe like Ric Flair, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and many more.

Everyweek i still watch wwe raw
As a college freshman this is one of my past time when i am doing nothing.



Isang nakakatuwang palabas sa pilipinas na parang musical series nanagkakaroon ng guest, Para itong philippine version ng Glee,

Gabi-gabi talagang kaabang-abang ang bawat episodes dahil nakakatuwa at nakakatawa. Kahit siguro mga artista o kapamilya nanunuod ng show ni regine velasquez.

Ang ratings ng palabas ay talaga namang rumarampa dahil mataas ang ratings nito, kasunod nito ang paborito ko din na QUEEN SEON DEOK.

Regine Velasquez contributed several ideas of her own for GMA-7 first-ever kantaserye titled Diva. Asia's Songbird told members of the media during the February 24 grand presscon of the show that she was given plenty of leeway in her latest TV show.

"Lagi naman akong binibigyan ng chance to voice out any ideas that I happen to have. Lagi naman nila akong pinagbibigyan. Minsan kasi di ba nakaka-frustrate na feeling mo, meron kang gustong gawin pero hindi mo nagagawa."

She pointed out some changes that she did to the story of Diva. "Originally, noong una…

Queen Seon Deok.

In a story entwined by tragedy and fate, Deokman (Queen Seondeok’s childhood name) was born a twin under a king of Silla. However, a prophecy led to her abandonment as a baby. She was later reclaims her origins in the Silla palace, where she joins forces with her older, twin sister, Princess Cheonmyeong, to oppose Mishil, a royal concubine to aimed to take the throne. Mishil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Cheonmyeong was assassinated by Mishil's forces. However Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yushin and eliminated her archenemy Mishil. As Queen, Seon Deok uses her abilities to bring peace back into her kingdom and rule with the loneliness as a sole ruler. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Lee Yo Won as Queen Seondeok of Silla
Nam Ji Hyeon as young Deokman
Ko Hyun Jung as Mishil
UEE as young Mishil
Uhm Tae Woong as Kim Yusin
Lee Hyun Woo as y…