Upgrading and migrating

Upgrading and migrating, when we say upgrading it refers to the replacement of a product with a newer version of the same product. When we say migrating, it refers to go from one place or software to another one. Every software has a limit, that’s why they do some upgrade and updates to the software having it more efficient than older versions.

         Backward compatibility is a relationship between two components, rather than being an attribute of just one of them. IBM RAD is designed to be backward- compatible. Files that came from the other older versions can be use on the newer versions in a way that the upgrade and update of the software is not that far from each other. The goal of migration is to allow you to continue to work in the current version or the product with projects that you developed in previous versions.


The General objective of the study is to show how Upgrading and migrating works.

These are the following objectives that the researcher would like to achieve:
·         To be able to show how files/projects works in other versions
·         To be able to show the compatibility of the projects to the software.
To show the difference of the older versions to the new versions

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