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AMACC MALOLOS - Commercial/ShortMovie




Ninang's Bday

Happy Birthday!


#include #include
using namespace std;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { char tryAgain; int arrayType; do{ system("cls");
cout << "************ WELCOME TO ARRAY PROJECT CONSOLE ********** \n"; cout << "Choose TYPE - [1] Single Array, [2] Multi-dimentional Array \n"; cout << "\nEnter: "; cin >> arrayType;
switch (arrayType) {
case 1: int arrangeTypeSingle; system("cls"); cout << "************ WELCOME TO ARRAY PROJECT CONSOLE ********** \n"; cout << "************ SINGLE ARRAY ************* \n"; cout << "Choose ARRANGE TYPE - [1] Ascending, [2] Descending \n"; cout << "\nEnter: "; cin >> arrangeTypeSingle;
switch (arrangeTypeSingle) { case 1: int aw[1],jre,rge,air,awTemp; int *pair; system("cls"); cout << "************ WELCOME TO ARRAY PROJECT CONSOLE ********** \n"; cout << "************ SINGLE ARRAY (Ascending)************ \n"; c…

180 DAYS: 30th Day

after a month few changes ang nangyari... Unti unti ako nagkakaron ng shape ang i like it.. hopefully magtuloy tuloy pa..

Upgrading and Migrating IBM RAD

                          INTRODUCTION Upgrading and Migrating
       When we say upgrading it means to raise to a higher standard and higher level. It basically means improving a hardware device that provides greater performance than an earlier model or software that that provides added enhancements over an earlier version.
       When we say migrating it means to change or to move location periodically, especially by moving seasonally from one place to another. A change from one hardware or software technology to another. Migration is a way of life in the computer industry. It also means moving data and applications from one computer to another.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY       The main reason and purpose of the study is to show how to upgrade the software IBM RAD into the newer versions and even to downgrade to older versions. Also the purpose of the study is to show how migrating of files from old to new versions happen.
These are the following objectives that the researcher would like to …



MCDCoop Website

MCDCoop Tabs

MCDCoop Log-in
DISCUSSION        Based on the research method proponents use, the interview. Lost of information due to improper organization of data happen very often. Also the service is not that fast because most of the works in the cooperative is paper works. The research study is necessary because the proponents want to develop a system that will be a big help to Malolos Credit and Development Cooperative, That’s why proponents therefore conclude that if proponents are going to create an online loaning system, proponents should provide accurate, efficient, user-friendly and reliable online system.

Introduction of Computers & Information System According to Lary Long and Nancy Long from the book of “Introduction of Computers & Information System” “More and more PC user is subscribing to commercial online information services, such as America Online, CompuServe, Genie, Prodigy, Microsoft Network (MSN), the source, Dow Jones News/Retri…