·         April 18, 2013 – This is the first day of our On the Job Training (OJT) at Philippine Long Distance Telecommunication (PLDT). After submitting the requirements they need I started Thursday. We are an OSP with mr. August Dimagiba. For the first time we go to San Ildefonso, Bulacan, with some OJT students from bulacan state university we ask for directions and survey the place because the customer said they have no connections.

·         April 19, 2013 – Our Second day seems to be the same as the other one, Mr dimagiba tell us to go to mr Pascual and stay there. We hang out with other ojt students, We share experiences and talk about many things like hows the first day and when they will end the ojt.  Most of the students there are from bulacan state university and they are engineering students. Mostly ECE and COE.

·         April 22 – We have been surveying the baliuag area looking at the naps, I am not familiar with it but I tried to learn something about it.

·         April 23  up to May 16, 2013
- The PLDT employees have a meeting after a few days and all the regular employees will have a full blast they will go out in the field and will be installing Fiber optics, Fiber optic is a thin glass that carry thousands or millions of information in a few seconds. We know this because we have a seminar in Fluke last time.
With that, I have been to Mr. Noel Alba.  With my ojtmate Cris, at first I ask them what do they usually do, then we come to baliuag and for the first time I have seen many fiber optics and see how they install it. It’s pretty easy yet needed to be careful because if the fiber got broken they need to start all over again.
Some customers have good attitude and some is a liitle rude, like the customer in regatta. The customer is so angry because they have no connection for a long time but mr alba and mr cruzada explain why it happen.
We experience also the generosity of some customer. They give us food to eat like meryenda and even lunch. We have so many laughter and fun while installing DSL to there houses.
There are times that they teach us how to split the fiber optics and put something to it so it can work.  I am nervous for the first time but I really think I can do it after many times we do it.  After many days we are out in the field and always installing in Paombong bulacan, they are so lucky because they now have pldt lines there and its fiber optic. In our area they only have copper which is slower that fiber. We experience different kinds of trouble like the ONO/modem won’t work and it doesn’t have a dial tone. But all of that is a configuration problem and it’s on manila sometimes it’s the nap problem and the other department are the one responsible for that.
With our bisor/supervisor, and with ojt mates we eat in different karinderya and it’s like a food trip. There are so many laughter and fun every time we eat.  Also I have been familiarize with the things they use like fiber clamp, ono, and many things. I know some of that but they have some other terms that’s why I am being confused. Every single day we have the same scenario. We install DSL. But the only problem is the Guard at PLDT, they don’t let us pass every morning because we don’t wear uniforms. AMA Malolos don’t have uniform but the head guard don’t really believe us that’s why we ask for a letter in AMA for that.

·         May 17 up to May 24, 2013
There is an unconfirmed incident in manila. The OJT have an accident and with that all OJT is not allowed in the field temporarily. That is a sad part for us to the student and for us because we can’t go out travel and learn new things outside in the field.

After that incident, we just go in the MDF, the place where we learn something about the primary and secondary. There are too many wires over there and it’s complicated. They even have an underground for cables. Co-OJT teaches us how they do things there and what the use of everything inside.

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