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Weekly Report

WEEK 1 April 18 – April 20
After the 2 seminar we attended for our OJT, We immediately started our training. On our first day we don’t know what we are going to do or what will be assign to us. On the office we assisted a PLDT employee on his job on going to san ildefsonso bulacan. It’s my first time going there and I am very excited about it. We survey some places that have internet connection problem. After our first and few days, we are assigned in the office and wait for our turn to come with them outside in the field. I met some students from bulacan state university.

WEEK 2 April 22-April 30
On our second week, we begin installing internet connection by using optic fiber, the one that our professor tell us about and the seminar we attended in school. At first we survey and look and what they are doing. I assisted them in making the work more easy than before. We arrange the wire and so on. Every day we do that like a routine for us going outside and installing internet connection. On that week I have met s new friend that became a close friend of mine in the company.

WEEK 3 May 1 – May 4
Every single day I am meeting new people, with my supervisor and friends we travel in other places and in different houses to put in internet connection. If we use optic fiber we always need

to be more careful because it’s very sensitive. If we have a simple error the whole process needed to be restarted again.

WEEK 4 May 6 – May 11
Every week, I experience new things in my training. I have learn that discipline is a must in a company like PLDT, they have rules and they really impose it. There are times that I have been talking to the guard because of us having no uniform because our school don’t have uniform they are nice but they really need to impose the rules. On our training I experience to be in other department. In MDF department wherein the telephone wires are in and they conduct some test every day. We do our everyday duties from may 6 to 11.
WEEK 5 May 13 – 18

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