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Last College Night

Well this is the last time na aattend ako na kasama sila.

Car Show

First time ko nakakita ng car show. First time ko makakita ng ganitong mga cars.. AWESOME MOMENT :)

Capstone chapter 1 sample

Chapter I
The Problem and Its Background
The introduction of Internet technologies specifically the World Wide Web (www) introduced changes in countries, societies and people.  Connecting with people have never been easier. Social Networking websites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have provided individuals and groups means of interacting with friends and even complete strangers. Events and experiences are chronicled on these websites that act as our public diary that is visible by everyone on our network. These social networks have also served as marketing tools to promote companies, organization, events, and people. In the educational setting, the World Wide Web introduced a shift from the traditional learning teaching-learning process to online learning milieu.  The Internet and the websites became important tools for instructional learning and communication alongside with social networking.  For an academic institution, using social networks is valuable in the …