Idealism Story

When I was a kid, my Mom used to ask me. “What would you want to be in the future?” I guess everybody’s familiar with this kind of question. There’s just one thing in my mind when my Mommy asked that. I want to change the world…

I once believed that I can change the world by using one method; by education. Education for me can break hindrances between deprived and well-heeled people. I once imprisoned my mind with the thought that I can be someone who I wanted to be just by studying for the better and improving my capacity of thinking. I am frightened by the idea that most people couldn’t achieve anything because of the lack of intelligence. I want people whom surround me to decipher everything that are on their way. 

I want them to educate their selves with a bountiful of ideas that will help them become somebody someday. I have this philosophy that whether it is difficult or easy, anything can be attained by education. For me, when you’re educated you’ll never regret anything in your life because you ought to know the differences between what’s right and wrong. 

The concept of education will never fail every human being who welcomed and embraced it in their life. Mom used to laugh at me and said, “You’re being too optimistic, my love. Read some books and educate yourself. Maybe on that way, you can change the world.”

That’s when the bud of loving books bloomed inside of me.. And because of that I therefore conclude that books are the only ones in this world who will never ever leave you even if you put them down. Books made me realize that Education can be reach in an instant. With just a turn of a page, you’ll gain knowledge that will sooner be a treasure. For me, reading is the most convenient journey everybody can afford. I begin to articulate that books can be our friends. Yes, they don’t talk but they can create a big impact deep down our souls.

I always answered her with a, “Mom, I didn’t choose the optimistic life. It crawled from the depths of earth and grabbed me in a chokehold and dragged me into the flames, and all I know is it’s kind of fun here..”
But I guess everything can change once you started growing up.

Before I end this story, let me leave you with a quotation from a book that I adore the most.

“I may die young, but at least I’ll die smart.” – Alaska Young.

©John Green, Looking for Alaska

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