Naturalism Story

Before. The ape was approaching London. It is brought to the Bell’s home after escaping from animal smugglers. In him, Cricket Bell believes he has discovered a hitherto unknown mammal, a highly intelligent anthropoid ape, the closest thing yet to a human being. If he is right, Erasmus will become the jewel of their new Zoo.
But Dolores decides to save Erasmus, investing in her efforts all the single-mindedness she until now has reserve for drinking
The two fall in love – a love affair as emotionally and erotically charged as any female-male relationship could ever be.
But Erasmus has come to England with a purpose, and eventually the couple must face the world they sought to flee.

“But I love him!” Dolores – a sleeping beauty drowsing gently in an alcoholic stupor – is the beautiful and disillusioned wife of Cricket Bell – exclaimed while trying to catch her breath. She and Erasmus – the unlikely prince – a 300-pound ape – are both hyperventilating from running too much.

We can escape from here. Dolores, think of a plan! Think. Erasmus doesn’t belong in that Zoo!  Dolores said to herself.

“Are you out of your mind!? What are you thinking, Dolores? He’s an ape! He’s not even a human! Use your brain!” Cricket – a distinguished behavioral scientist – shouted.
“Whatever! I’m in love with him and there’s nothing you can do!” Dolores said.
“He right. I ape. You me together, not good.” Erasmus said while trying to hide the tears swelling in his eyes.
“What are you saying, love?” Dolores questioned the ape with pain.
“This. Wrong.” Erasmus said.
Dolores ignored him. She reached its hands and they both run away from the Laboratory despite the gun pointed at their direction.

After.  Their life in the garden revolved around three distinct occupations—hunting for food, sleeping and attending to their love and their language lessons. Imperceptibly, the barrier between them was lifted. For them, nothing can stop the love running throughout their system as long as they love each other.
Dolores personally believed that we all came from Ape. She acknowledged our origins in evolution. Her perspective also enhances the feeling of kinship with the other species with which she share this planet, and she desire to sustain and nurture the planet itself.

It’s been three months and they’re still in the garden that they treated as their abode now. Dolores shut her eyes. When she opened them again, the ape’s face was nose to nose with her own. It rested the palm of its hand on her abdomen.
“Couldn’t there be a child?”

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