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Alladin WHAT?!

What the heck is this? haha

How to get Postal ID?

How to get Postal ID in Bulacan

Sa lahat ng makukuhang Valid ID ito na siguro ang pinakamabilis na process na makikita mo.

Postal ID Requirements:
Application Form – 2 copies 3 pcs 2×2 Colored Photo –White BackgroundLatest Cedula (not needed if minor)Barangay ClearanceOriginal Copy NSO Birth Certificate or Birth certificate Authenticated by the LCR (Local Civil Registrar) – if applicant has negative or no BC, see notes below.Original Copy of NSO Marriage Certificate or that authenticated by LCR (for married female applicants only)Original Copy of CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) – for single applicantsApplication Fee and Processing Fee (see lists below)Plus Any of this things: Valid NBI Clearance or Certification from the Barangay Captain that Applicant is a Bonafide Resident of the Barangay together with the photocopy of the valid ID of the Barangay CaptainOriginal Copy of Police ClearanceEmployee / Company ID if employed or certification from the employer with the employer’s valid I…

Attention Seeker

I don't know why but there are many people like her nowadays, i don't know if they are so emotional but one thing i know is that they are attention seekers. And it's now good and i think they should stop

Robots Vs Zombie Apocalypse

What would be worst?
The robots around us or the Zombies?

For me it would be Robots. God! Imagine those robots roaming around the earth killing everything they see on there site. I would be lucky if i survive that thing. Their reflexes, guns and knowledge would be enough to make humans extinct.

Imagine those robots walking down with the background music from terminator. Epic shit!

Abandoned building?

Well if i see stuff like this in an abandoned building well i sure run and get the hell out of that place. Like what they say Run bitch run!!!!!


One word for this movie " Bravo " Angelina Jolie acting skills is so great! The story is so awesome too, it's kinda similar to frozen but the thing is this ain't animated. They Tell the truth behind Sleeping Beauty tale.

I'm so impress with this movie i want to watch it again! It's a movie that get stuck on my head.


Boom Panis!

Johnny Depp - Johnny Deeper

Benta sakin yung ganito haha!
This is so funny to me!

Japanese Corn

Japanese Corn is Censored.

Knee Face

Oh crap look! Her knees have faces. that's evil haha!

Facebook Liars Caught

I've seen this in and i just want to create a comments in every photo haha!

In this photo, it is obvious that she edited the picture and she keep denying about it that makes it more funny!

Lol at this, he got caught that he just googled the photo that he claims. So stupid haha

Oh god, he's camaro is so cool haha. Nobody will fall for that kid!
Well your friends already told and see she wears a make up and keep denying and god what does it help for cancer patients out there?!
No edits? ha! Tell me about it.
His friends probably laughing so hard when they read this!
haha too much make up darling and you don't have to post no make up with no pants on. jeez!
Well Somebody got caught by a friend via Pinterest! haha
This is so stupid, most people know about the sketch effect and nobody will fall for that lie.

Dumbest thing ever! Like yeah someone might kill me in a few minutes, i gotta post this on facebook. Well if that's USA, 911 is a lot more easier to type and…

Why Flash Drives have different amount of space when you plug it in.

Why Is My 32GB Flash Drive Actually 29.8 GB?
"USB Flash Drives, along with hard drives and other types of computer storage, are measured in bytes. The problem is that the definition of a megabyte/gigabyte isn’t really the same between computers and storage manufactures. A computer says a kilobyte is 1024 bytes and a megabyte is 1024 kilobytes. So one megabyte (one million bytes) is actually 1,048,576 bytes. To get to 32 gigabytes you have to multiply 1024 (bytes) x 1024 (kilobytes) x 1024 (megabytes) x 32 (gigabytes) which gives you 34,359,738,268 bytes of information.

However, computer hard drive and storage makers had the clever idea that a gigabyte is defined as a “billion” bytes, so why do they need to give you extra bytes you didn’t pay for just because someone who made the PC decided 1024 bytes are in a kilobyte? So industry practice is to label things in even numbers, even though computers will see less space as measured in GB. You do get 32,000,000,000 bytes when you buy …

Rusev and Lana

The new WWE Superstar to emerge is Rusev with his manager Lana.
Their gimmick at first is annoying that every week they show up and tell something no one can understand but now with the Russia gimmick, things are getting interesting.

With the current situation about Russia and the world, the gimmick is perfect, it catches my attention every time lana say something about USA and RUSSIA.

But here is a thing, how long can this gimmick last? or how long rusev and lana last in the spotlight?
Because same thing happen to Ryback, Fandango and other new superstars.

I hope they continue the gimmick with this russia thing and they cross path with Zeb Colter. That would be great!

China is

I've search google and type this "CHINA IS"

China is a bully.
China is evil.

I really don't like the aggressiveness of china in Vietnam, Japan and Philippines. How i wish this giant nation got hit by something and realize that they're doing something wrong to their neighbors.

OLX: One Piece Chopper Action Figure

One Piece Fans!

Kung gusto nyo ng Action Figure ni Chopper bilin nyo na for 600 pesos!
700 dapat sya kaso nawala na yung pink hat nya but still astig pa din ang monsterous na si Chopper ng Strawhat Pirate kahit walang hat.

Meet ups: Bulacan Area - Malolos City, SM Marilao and SM Baliaug

Chito Miranda Proposal

Congratulations to chito and neri.

While watching this i have thought that i have the same idea as chito but now that he did it, i think i have to think another idea of my own. Well Congrats again to them, what a nice way to propose to your love one. Sinong di mapapa Oo dun?

Miami VS. Misamis

Summer is ending but i have something summer related to you! haha!

Miami VS Misamis Face off!

GODZILLA 2014 Movie

I've been waiting for this movie for so many months, now i have watch it in 3D The graphics of the movie is awesome, Godzilla looks so cool. A lot better than the 1998 Godzilla movie.
While watching the movie it was like a nostalgia for me, i remember the old days when i'm watching the Japanese movie of Godzilla

The fight scenes is great but it's too short, they cut the scenes a minute then turn it on the other characters, if this movie will have a sequel i hope they focus more on Godzilla and the monster fight scenes like the Japanese movie.

Anti-Bullying song

Jamich Proposal

This made me cry a bit.
Wishes them goodluck and my prayers to jam and his family

Awesome Shoppe at OLX

Last sunday i've decided to create a shoppe at OLX formerly known as
I have try selling stuff in sulit before and i did sell some stuff from a guy from meycauayan bulacan. Now i think that i need something that will put some money on my pocket especially now that i am a graduate student i need some part time.
So i have this idea of selling stuff i own and sell it online and i name it AWESOME SHOPPE 

So i invite you guys especially people near in bulacan area to check out my account in OLX.
You can contact me and boom! i sell you stuff you like! :)

The Philippines message to China

Just because you have the power and money it doesn't mean you can bully your neighbors.
Now Vietnam and Philippines have the same feelings about china. We want china out of our territory.

I hope other neighbors and ASEAN members unite to fight the aggressiveness of China.

I remember the movie 300: Rise of an Empire, wherein in the end other kingdom unite to fight the forces of Persia.


Recently ginagamit ko yung account ko sa at kung ano anong questions ang natatanggap ko. I don't find it abusive or what kasi natatawa lang ako everytime may nagtatanong and i'll be showing some questions.

If you want to ask some questions about me, it depends to me if i will answer your question but i'll do what i can to answer your questions haha!

Apple + Braces

Eating apple lalo na kapag bagong adjust yung braces is never been this hard..arghh

Graduate na ako

After 4 Years graduate na ako sa college, yeah you read it right GRADUATE na ako! unbelievable haha well akala ko din hindi ako gagraduate dahil sa mga bagay na nangyari sakin well tapos na yun at eto degree holder na ko and at the same time unemployed. haha

Sa ngayon gusto ko maenjoy pa bakasyon ko bago pumasok sa kung ano anong bagay like jobs but mag aapply din ako soon enough.

After 4 years dati wala akong kaalam alam sa college ngayon tapos na ko. But still kung ikukumpara ko ang college at high school mas gusto ko sa high school pero sa college madami ako naexperience at natutunan :)

well yun goodluck sa future endeavor ko ^^

Paul Heyman Wikipedia page