Job Hunt Journey

Well, finding a job is really hard. 1 Month after i graduated i have try to apply in different company.

I first applied in Sencor (System Encoding Corporation) - lucky to my 2 classmates they made it in the company. This was the first time i have taken an exam for a job.

Second would be in a Job Fair in Trinoma, I forgot the first one i sign up for but it's a BPO Company, the guy interviewed me and it was so informal because we're just standing with many people around and so noisy environment, after half a minute it's done, they've said they will call but i don't expect them to call because i think that's how it goes. Second would be Sitel, well i filled up the form and the girl interviewed us. I guess it was a panel interview we're in many applicants and one interviewer. Well this is kinda better than the first one because the interviewer is really great in asking questions and everything and i was in shock. Well we didn't make it at Sitel. We failed haha!

Third and latest so far is Accenture in the recruitment center in gateway mall cubao. Well this time we pass the first exam which is computerized and after that the lady tell us to come back tomorrow for the interview, so goodluck for me tomorrow.

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