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Router Situation

I need to learn more about internet. Routers and all.

A while ago i have disabled the DCHP and the internet connection in all pc and wireless devices shutdown and i panic. I don't know what to do, all i do is to reset the router and establish a new network. I need to know more about this stuff so that situation like this will be prevented.

12:45 am

Love is

"Love is Getting Fat Together"

How to act like an Adult at Work?

Simply replace it with "Ok, Great!"

Life is

"Life is like an Ocean. Mysterious and deep"

How to Earn by blogging?

If anyone knows how to earn some money by blogging can you help me?
I don't know how

Creepy Red Lady

Have you seen her? I don't know if its real or what but its kinda creepy

Childhood Lego

Lego is so expensive and as a kid with no enough money, this is our alternative. Its cheap and so much fun.

Good ol days!


Yes, i can still remember those days when we use this. Specially when it is rainy season, There are many mosquitos out there and we use this as protection. I also use this to scratch my feet when i feel itchy. Those were the days... Ohhh

Torre De Manila

Torre De Manila is indeed a big building and definitely not a good site at Luneta Park/Rizal Park. But here is the thing they've spend billions with that building already. Yes it is someones fault but why stop them now when the building is almost done?

Instead of pointing fingers who to blame, do something, be part of the solution. Demolition of that building will not be good for Manila. They should think of other solution.

Happy Birthday Jose Rizal

Happy Birthday to our National Hero, Jose Rizal. Thank you so much for all you have done to our great nation.


The old like page in facebook that i created is now active again.

Be sure to hit the like button thanks!

Monster Jam in Manila!

I've been waiting for this but until now i but have a ticket for this show! Its so sad i want to see those big trucks flying around MOA Arena.

I want to be there even if i have to see in the last row of the arena. Buy me tickets? 

Nae Nae!

Lol at this.

My kind of FORD!

It will be a dream come true if i can have a pick up truck like this.

Only in my dreams hehe

Spongebob Squarepants Marathon

For the last couple of weeks, I've been watching Spongebob Squarepants from Episode 1 up to the latest episode. I don't know why i did that but its already done.

First of all i am very glad they ditch that annoying human pirate in the succeeding seasons because he is very annoying. Even when i was very young, i really hate the episodes that involves that pirate guy.

As days pass by, i realize something. Spongebob is the most annoying neighbor you could ever have if he was real and probably i will the squidward tentacles that will be annoyed every single day. Spongebob is a friendly asshole friend. Nick made him a child friendly cartoons, but honestly he's annoying. haha!

Every Spongebob episode is a must see for me but some episodes that involves character that i don't like is what i like less. Those characters are Pearl, Neptune and Mermaid man and the barnacle boy.

I love watching spongebob and i will never get tired watching it.


I have a new blog! It's
A new start of blogging, a new chapter, a different side. Same Random Shit!

Be sure to Follow my new blog! Thank you God bless!

Yahoo problem?

Why does yahoo keep directing me at


Another Professional Wrestling Legend Gone. I miss seeing him on WWE TV.

May you entertain everyone up there! God bless!

Money in the Bank 2015

Full Money in the Bank results
Money in the Bank ladder match Sheamus defeated Neville, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Kane and Dolph Ziggler
WWE Divas Championship Nikki Bella (c) defeated Paige
WWE Intercontinental Championship Big Show defeated Ryback (c) by disqualification
Rematch John Cena defeated Kevin Owens
WWE Tag Team Championship The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) defeated The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) (c)
WWE World Heavyweight Championship Seth Rollins (c) defeated Dean Ambrose

My favorite match in this PPV would be John Cena VS. Kevin Owens, If only Monday night Raw is like that every week. I will never miss watching Raw again.

Safety Trucks

This would be a big help to all motorist out there specially with that kind of roads. Here in the philippines most roads are like that and that would be a big help to lessen road accidents.

Philippine Coast Guard stand off against Taiwan Coast Guard

They documented everything, what will the taiwanese said about these?

I salute the Philippine coast guard for doing there job.

Jimmy kimmel is epic!

Jimmy kimmel is so epic in the fight of the century!

New Strada looks like a FOTON?

In my opinion the new strada is not that good. Well maybe in features it is good but the body of the vehicle looks like it is made in china. Well it's just my opinion.


I did this before, countless times. especially when i am bored at school


I am a big fan of this vehicle, Ford Ranger. If only i have millions of money i will be travelling using this. I will travel the whole island of luzon then visayas and maybe mindanao. They keep saying this vehicle is worth the wait and i can't wait to see this kind of vehicle on the road.

2 type of girls?

2 type of girls? That's just the same girl, probably they're referring to sex position.


Well this movie is definitely a must see! Dwayne The Rock Johnson doing what he do best! This movie is ground breaking literally dahil sa earthquake na yayanig sa buong california at sa sinehan. Bakit sa sinehan? well nanuod ako sa isang mall nakadalawang movie na din ako na iba pero nadidinig ko yung sounds ng san andreas yung mga pag earthquake. First time yun haha.

This movie is also like a fathers day movie kasi si the rock as the father gagawin nya ang lahat maligtas lang nya ang anak nya. Muntik na nga ako maiyak nung  muntik na mamatay anak nya.

This movie will come to The rock history as one of the best! Panuorin nyo na!