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Luckiest People in the World

Oh my God! I almost have an heart attack

Mar Roxas

President Aquino officially endorse Mar Roxas as the Liberal party candidate to be the president in 2016. They have this big gamble on him because his popularity is not that good to the people. Most people hate him but he got the qualifications to be our president.
I personally don't like Roxas but i mostly hate Binay to be our President. If Miriam Defensor don't run as president i might vote for him. 
Videos below show some of the most memorable but negative things Mr. Roxas did.

If he becomes our president then we need to earn the people's trust just like what President Aquino did.
Get to know more about MarRoxas:

Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics is almost there. 1 more year and Summer Olympics is on its way. Rio is rushing things up. Hoping they can make it in time with the deadlines of new infrastructures and cleaning up of places.
What i am excited to see in this coming Olympics is the opening and closing ceremony. Every Olympics showcase awesome show just like the Beijing Olympics and London Olympics. 

But there are concerns with the Brazil readiness with the Olympic event, The latest news is the pollution in the water. Its not that clean and 99% chance you'll get ill from its water. It's a big challenge for the Organizers and Government Officials.

I am looking forward for my country to have its first Gold medal. It will be historic.

Bed for Lazy People

I could use a bed like this or i'll just sleep on the floor.


Most people are like this. I don't know why, They are so nice to you when they borrow money and you are so kind to give them some. But when you needed the money back they become some soft of your enemy, they keep hiding and etc. I hate people like this.

Traditional Japan + Modern Dance

The uploaded said no disrespect, they are honor to dance on Shonrenji.
Creative minds think like this. They innovate and still uses the culture of the country. Bravo!

Hoping to see more from this guys. Keep dancing!

Cool Dad

Hit The Quan By LoveLianeV
Posted by Young Paperboyz on Friday, July 24, 2015

This is so fun to watch. Imagine your father dancing with you like that. That would be something to remember for the rest of your life.

Reunion in Court with the Judge

This is the same judge that have reunion with her classmate and now here we go again. They're on the same cruise just last weekend.

Hanging out with this judge is kinda cool but i don't want to end up in jail.

AWESOME! 1000 Musicians Play "Learn to Fly" To Ask Foo Fighters To Play In Italy

1000 Musicians gather just to play Learn to Fly by foo fighters. They want Foo Fighters to held a concert in Cesena, Italy

It is awesome and so creative. They said huge amount of people will watch this but they do this for the Foo Fighters.

What will happen if you drink a can of Coke?

I have quit drinking coca-cola or any soda a few years ago. I don't want it in my body. I just drink water water water.

Google Translate awesome app!

This new app by google is so awesome. I have tried it and it support filipino language even though grammar is not that right but the thought is there.

Google is so awesome!

Its free on Android and IOS.

Sari-Sari store selling Memory Card

This is something you don't see everyday

Pee Somewhere

Its smelly here, Pee somewhere else. haha

No mistress allowed

No mistress allowed in the bus line

Super Angry

This is probably a vandal but the message is pure hate!


Be careful with your Penis

Bawal Magkaroling


Unliyosi + Unlicobra

Goodbye lungs, Goodbye kidney

Sawang Sawa na kami

Enough is enough

Plants vs. Zombies 2

This game just got better! It got a better graphics and better features in the game. More and more Level every update and its really hard and enjoyable.  The game is entertaining like before but i don't like the loading which is very long.

Ted 2

Budget$68 million
This movie is about Ted identity. Is he a Person or a Property?
Ted is a talking bear and got married at the start of the movie.  They still got the same thing from the first movie. Sex, Party and weeds. Mark is still not over someone and have a big problem. He have tons of porn and maybe just masturbating to it.
Its an entertaining movie but for me the first one is a lot better. Watching ted is like watching Peter Griffin. But yes peter is a lot worst than ted in a good way. I will give this movie 8 out of 10

Gadhimai festival no more

Its a good news for every animal lover in the world. Gadhimai festival will be stop. Nepal chooses kindness over the so called tradition.

Thousands of animals will be save from this festival. This is a big win for all of us.

Bulbul Refreshments

You will treat me? where? Bulbul refreshments? No thank you!


Is the food out there delicious?

Bawal ang Kupal

That seems to be a bad way to do signage.

Ded Shit

Dead what?


Stay in

Olympics no more?

Boston, USA back out from there bid for the 2024 Olympics. Why? Because of the expensive cost of building new stadiums and other sports related that will be a big burden to the taxpayers. Also maybe they see that every after Olympics the infrastructure made for event will be stall unless someone have an event at that specific place.

There is this idea that circulating the internet that why don't we put the Olympics in Greece. In the place where it all started? It will cut the cost of organizing the Olympics every 4 years.

Putol Ari

Genitalia will be cut if someone pee. haha


With the unbelievable traffic, who in the blue hell will buy that?

Colonize Mars

The biggest step from by Humanity will be colonizing mars. It will be the biggest challenge for us and definitely challenging. If humans can do it what more can it do to other planets?

Transporting humans to Mars is one big challenge. How many human do we need to say that we own the mars?

Endless possibilities of what could and would happen if we decided to step up to our neighbor planet.

Video of the Day: Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

This is one the best fight ever. I am so glad they did that episode.

Donald Trump Presidency?

If Donald Trump become president that means The Simpsons Predicted the future once again. But will it be a big mistake by Americans if they elect Donald Trump as president?

Trivia of the Day: Who do Zebras have stripes?

Why do zebras have stripes? Stripes camouflage a zebra and help them hide from their enemies. This is done by breaking the outline of a zebra when it moves through tall grass. Rather than receiving a full view of a zebra, a predator only sees a bunch of vertical lines. This effect is particularly accented on a hot day when heat waves are
rising from the earth.

Most Populated Country by 2022

According to the new report by United Nation. India will be the most Populous Country by 2022.
Currently China is the most Populous.

2015 Top Populous Country

1. China1,361,512,535                               6. Pakistan    199,085,8472. India1,251,695,584                               7. Nigeria181,562,0563. United States321,362,789                                8. Bangladesh168,957,7454. Indonesia255,993,674                                9. Russia142,423,7735. Brazil204,259,812                                 10. Japan126,919,659

Dentist the Lion Killer

I really hate this kind of people. Paying a big amount of money just to Hunt. He is a dentist and maybe knowledgeable that this kind of animal should not be hunted,

Even if he apologize, his action took a lion's life.

Free Trip to Heaven

Who should go first?

Butt Rental

That's uhmm Interesting?

God Created Sex

Hell yeah!

Depression Ahead

People from Tumblr heading this way


That place is rocking hard

Keep Flushing!

Some word of encouragement

WWE NEWS: WWE Main Event Spoilers - 7/31/15

WWE taped this week's episode of WWE Main Eventtonight. Here are the results: 

* Dark match: Fandango defeated Adam Rose with a brain buster. 

* Neville defeated King Barrett with the Red Arrow. 

* Bo Dallas defeated Zack Ryder with the bo-dog. 

* Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella via submission.

WWE NEWS: WWE SmackDown Spoilers - 7/30/15

\ WWE taped this week's episode of WWE SmackDowntonight. Here are the results: 

* Dark match: Fandango defeated Adam Rose with a brain buster. 

* Dark match: Big Cass & Enzo Amare defeated Heath Slater & Brad Maddox. 

* Seth Rollins opens tonight's SmackDown tapings talking about John Cena. Cesaro interrupts. 

* Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro ended in a no contest when Kevin Owens attacked Cesaro. After the match, Owens and Rollins attacked Cesaro. 

* Lucha Dragons and Los Matadores defeated The New Day and The Ascension. 

* Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper cut a backstage promo. Harper said he now has a purpose thanks to Bray. Wyatt said that he is willing to do anything to remove the devil from inside Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He’s here for them. 

* Hot Summer and Rusev discuss what happened on RAW with Lana and the Fish. 

* Rusev defeated Jack Swagger. 

* Stardust defeated R-Truth. After the match, Stardust cuts a promo on Truth. 

* Cesaro & Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens &…

Nancy Binay Meme

We just can't help but make fun of her as a Senator

Junjun Binay

Sa totoo lang binito ko sya as vice president last election. Nadala ko nung paulit ulit nilang sinasabi na sila nagpayaman sa Makati. Which is naliwanagan na ko na hindi totoo. Naliwanagan na ko na hindi pala sya dapat ang binoto ko. Naging Vice president sya nabuo na ang Binay Dynasty at hindi tama yun.
Lumabas na ang mga baho ni binay at hindi sya ang dapat maging presidente sa dadating na eleksyon sa 2016. Madaming pwedeng mangyari at isa na dun ang pakipagbati nya sa china o pagbagsak ng ekonomiya dahil sa mga korapsyon.

I highly disagree na sya ang maging president. I will not vote for him